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bush.jpg (12415 bytes)Bush

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Category: An amber beer/barley wine

Taste: perfume like flavour with a strong whisky like after glow..

Strength: 12.0%.

Serve: cooled

My first encounter with this beer was at the beautiful Ciro bar in the centre of Brussels, I was discussing the merits of Belgium beer with a local and explained how I disliked the strong tasting trappist beers. The local said he understood so he would order something special for me, along came a  beer called Bush! Later that same evening I have vague memories of my wife informing me she was pregnant! Beware this little beer is a wolf in sheeps clothing, it may taste only mildly alcoholic but it packs the punch of a sledgehammer.

The wife and motherlaw adore this beer, surprising almost all the international beer writers also agree!.